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Stavrou ave, NICOSIA
Steliou Kyriakidi 39, LIMASSOL
tel: 80002424
Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00
Take-away and Delivery available
I never thought the day that I would review fried chicken would ever come. Even Cypriot-and-Proud-health-fanatics (only sometimes)-traditional-tavern-lovers-and-major-foodies have to indulge in good, old fried chicken sometimes. And when we do, it has to be the best there is.
The day I decided to enjoy a meal from Roosters was a Tuesday. Although I had my breakfast (as always), I cut my first-meal-of-the-day in half to have a bigger appetite for lunch. I knew that Roosters would be the place I would have my fried chicken from. I only later found out that, not only it is a Cypriot-born-and-bred company but they use fresh and not frozen, local chickens. Furthermore the food is cooked and prepared only after the order is placed, rather than being pre-cooked.
Needless to say I forced Mr Proud Cypriot to join me from work so we can share a bigger Roosters meal. The fried chicken (original recipe) was the first thing we ordered and thank god we did. It was surprisingly crispy especially after having spent some time to be delivered to my house. I also liked the fact that it wasn’t too oily or greasy, but crunchy and salty on the outside and tender on the inside. I also read on their website that they use rapeseed oil, something that probably adds to the flavour and texture.Roosters Limassol The nuggets, which looked and tasted like proper chicken were delicious and so were the hot wings, Mr Proud Cypriot’s favourite food since forever. The chicken burger with Rooster’s Bourbon sauce (for only 3.95€), was my favourite, although I would definitely try out the Philly original with bacon next time. Roosters NicosiaFinally we also shared a fresh Farm Salad with lettuce, sweet corn, mushrooms and green peppers, enough for a proper lunch.Roosters NicosiaIf you follow my example make sure you check out their special offers before ordering. I got an offer for 20 hot wings for only 6,99€ and a large salad for 4,95€.
Next time you want to have a good lunch and indulge in something different, try the made-in-Cyprus Roosters.

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