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Shizuka Floor Wagamama

Themistokli Dervi 19, 22870140, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 12:00-11:00
I never thought of Wagamama to be a proper, sit-down restaurant, and I never thought what it would be like if Wagamama food was served in a more wine-and-dine-type restaurant- if you know what I mean. Fortunately for us, Wagamama Cyprus did think of that, and actually transformed a whole floor into a modern and casual place, appropriate for an evening dinner with friends, a date or even a business lunch. It’s funny how, the image and concept of the restaurant can change simply by changing the restaurant décor and seating arrangement. The “shizuka” floor is for enjoying a longer meal over good food and cocktails, a full pan-Asian food experience.
Wagamama ShizukaI went for an evening meal with my proud Cypriot-and-now-famous-actress friend and shared a few dishes. The menu served is the same as downstairs with the standard ramen dishes, delicious starters to share, the tasty curry selection and of course the sushi selection. It was the first time I had sushi at Wagamama and I was pleasantly surprised. The Spicy tuna and Eel Maki were fresh and quite light. The salmon and tuna nigiri were equally fresh and good value for money. Wagamama Shizuka restaurant Nicosia

Wagamama Shizuka restaurant Nicosia

Wagamama Shizuka restaurant NicosiaWe also shared the Sashimi Salmon and Avocado salad, which was quite large and enough to satisfy the appetite of one hungry person. I liked the lightly sour dressing. My favourite dish was the Tuna Tataki with citrus ponzu sauce. Wagamama Shizuka restaurant NicosiaIt was perfectly light, lemony, salty and flavoursome, a great dish to share. Although I wanted to try the Firecracker I was advised that it was too spicy, and being a person who prefers mildly spicy food I went for the Prawn Raisukaraee, a very easy-to-eat curry. My least favourite dish was the Shrimp Tempura. Although it wasn’t bad I prefer the prawns that I usually have (Ebi Katsu), which are the perfect nibble.
Everything tasted better over a bottle of white wine that we shared with our meal.
I never thought I would spend 3 hours wining and dining at Wagamama. We had a lovely evening with lots of wine and lots of food. I would go to “shizuka” if I wanted a good night out, with Thai and pan-Asian food in a relaxed and modern environment. What a good idea!

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