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The Gym revisited

Onasagorou, 22002001, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 9:00-2:00
Food: [rating:4] 4/5
Service: [rating:3.5] 3/5
Ambiance: [rating:4] 4/5
I thought it was time to do a belated “revisited” review. 2 years and quite a few menu changes later I managed to take pictures and get ready to provide more information of what The Gym is now. Fortunately, it’s still hip and stylish, still packed and still amazing. There were some ups and downs I must admit, but it would be unfair to say that it is not one of the must-visits of the capital.
The space? I like it. It is fresh, it has kept part of the “old city” style, it is tasteful and it is obvious that it is not someone’s pastime, but someone’s passion. The owner does, after all, have around 20 years of experience in the area after the well-known Le Cafe. People called it a bistrot. Even though I am not sure exactly how one defines a “bistrot”, I could tell where they were coming from, perhaps it’s the black retro chairs, the stone walls, the long, crystal pendant lights and the very high ceilings. The fact that the inside space is more of a proper restaurant while the outside space can be enjoyed at any time of the day for coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks, and finally the space at the back is more of a “reading” or “quiet” room makes it an all-round venue. Then there’s, of course, the bar that in my opinion makes all the difference. The white mosaic that covers it with the crystal glasses and jars, combined with the dim lighting create a proper, buzzing “bar” vibe. It’s something between New York-meets-the-old-city with unique, stylish (and surely expensive) décor elements. Go for a hip & happening weekend brunch, for a relaxed afternoon coffee, for a buzzing dinner with friends, or for a drink at the bar whenever.
The Gym restaurant NicosiaWe shared an Arugula salad with “graviera” cheese and fresh rocket, a mildly sweet flavour and a balanced taste. Us girls had brunch dishes and the boys had a proper lunch meal so that gave us a good idea of what you can have at The Gym during weekend lunch hours. The Gym restaurant NicosiaMy Eggs Benedict with deliciously runny eggs, a soft and sweet English muffin and a quite good Hollandaise sauce were good. My proud Cypriot friend’s Scrambled Eggs were equally tasty and well presented. They weren’t the epitome of innovation but a good light, brunch dish to have. The Gym restaurant NicosiaThe boyfriend’s Turkey Burger looked yummy (and tasted yummy) being light but savoury, rich but not excessively. The Gym restaurant NicosiaMr Proud Cypriot’s Prawn Pasta did not disappoint. When he asked for “al dente” and the waiter did not write it down I thought it was a bit too confident of him but the truth is it did come “al dente” and served “the Italian way”: no sauce with an amazing flavour.The Gym restaurant NicosiaBesides the good food, I loved the fact that they had a large selection of good wine by the glass. Things to note: if you go for a weekend brunch you can find several breakfast and other light dishes like a tabbouleh wrap, a home-made cheese pie and yogurt with muesli. I love the selection of egg and pancakes since I am a big fan of both, and I also appreciate that they have a handful of main dishes for people like Mr Proud Cypriot who like to have a proper lunch meal.
Overall verdict: go.

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