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Madam, with a new nibble menu

24 Andrea Drousioti25364218, LIMASSOL, Mon – Sun 5.30pm – 2am 
I first went to Madam when I was pregnant. Being a wine and cocktail lover, you can understand my frustration of going to a bar and not drinking (and I hope I don’t sound like an alcoholic). You can also understand that I had to compensate for all those nights I spent drinking sparkling water while Mr Proud Cypriot was enjoying his Aperol Spritz. That is only fair, right?
Madam is hip, it’s cool and it’s funky without being pretentious and formal. It’s small but big enough to be spacious, its ceiling is high but not so much for the space to feel cold, there are merely a few tables but enough to have somewhere to sit. The best part of it (apart from the cocktails) is definitely the latest decor addition, a massive rocket-like piece of art on top of the communal table. You have to see it for yourself. The long bar with the beautiful metal structure behind it is exactly what we need to enjoy a good drink with good company.
What is surprising is that it is well-known, and almost always packed but it is not for the masses. It is neither for the the basic, vodka-tonic lovers nor for the wine drinkers. It’s for cocktails. Creative cocktails. Amazing cocktails. Unique cocktails.
Madam bar LimassolYou may know Stefanos by now from his days at the Library, The Gym, Sousami (or any party that I threw over the past year and a half). Surprise surprise, he is the owner and the barman behind it. I am not going to go over the cocktail list but I will just say that you must try one of his gin cocktails and you must let him make something for you. I always tell him what flavours I like (which are basically sour and not too sweet), and I am never disappointed.Madam bar LimassolAs of recently there is also a short food menu, or should I say, nibbles that go with cocktail drinking. Besides the yummy hot dogs plain or with caramelised onions that have always been there, try the Toastie with roast ham, melting gouda cheese and truffle mustard that is amazing (also the ultimate alcohol accompaniment). Madam cocktail bar Limassol

Madam cocktail bar LimassolThe sweet potato falafel with tahini were equally tasty, crispy and different (and I am not even a fan of sweet potato), while the beef sliders were a must inclusion in a short bar menu. Madam cocktail bar Limassol

Madam cocktail bar LimassolFor something lighter, the tortillas with chickpeas, yogurt and roast pepper sauce were fantastic in terms of both, flavour and quantity. Madam cocktail bar LimassolThe cigar borek, with cheese and herbs was also a great snack- freshly fried and crispy. Oh and let’s not forget curry-Mondays, for the Indian food lovers.Madam cocktail bar LimassolMadam is definitely my favourite bar of its kind in Limassol mainly for the vibe and the drinks. If you go on a weekend after 10:00 be prepared for a full, hip and happening atmosphere. If you go on a weekday before 10:00 (my sort of time), you will see a more relaxed, happy-go-lucky type of environment being enjoyed by people enjoying their drinks.
If I had to say why Madam is doing so well I would say because it’s specialised. They chose an angle and they stuck by it without falling into the trap of offering what the customer traditionally wants.

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