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Nasty Cat

Digeni Akrita 64, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 10:00-21:00
When you hear the name Erotokritos, cafe, gluten-free cake, new opening all in one sentence you start paying attention. When all of the above come with a picture of a beautiful garden, then you take your purse and start driving towards Digeni Akrita avenue.
That’s exactly what happened yesterday afternoon. At around 6, I packed up my 2 year old, proud Cypriot son in the car and went for an afternoon coffee (or juice rather) and cake. Although the face of Nasty Cat is located on one of the busiest streets of the capital the actual cafe is at the bag. It is, in fact, surreal how within a distance of only 3-4 meters the street noise turns into birds singing and leaves moving…welcome to the gardens of Eden. The handful number of tables with comfortable chairs and sofas are right below the trees in a peaceful and serene back yard. It might be small, but it’s all one needs to relax.
Nasty Cat cafe Nicosia

Nasty Cat cafe NicosiaBesides the speciality coffee that’ is available, one can find vegan shakes and fresh juices. My vegan orange, celery and hemp protein shake was something more than deliciously refreshing, while the mixed juice du jour with carrot and orange the proud Cypriot son had was equally yummy. I loved how the Iced Americano was accompanied by liquid honey and not the standard sugar and I also loved the gluten-free and sugar-free cake options that were available. We devoured the blueberry yogurt cake and the orange poppy seed cake with almond flour as both were extra moist and flavourful- exactly my kind thing. I also wanted to try the matcha pavlova that sounded interesting but there is only so much one can have in an afternoon!Nasty Cat cafe Nicosia
The cherry on the cake (or rather one of the many cherries that topped the cake), was the showroom of Erotokritos’s creations at the front of the cafe. Besides it’s latest collection you can find previous collections at a discount. Needless to say we honoured it gracefully.
Nasty Cat cafe NicosiaOne coffee, two cakes and two fresh juices were only 15€, something of extremely high value-for-money (especially when mixed fruit juices usually cost 5-6€!). If you like to have a home-made, fresh cake with a deliciously healthy juice or coffee in quiet and beautiful setting, go! Nasty Cat is exactly the opposite of…nasty!



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