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We are very Proud for Made in Cyprus!

Growing up I remember being spammed with mass produced souvenirs, post-cards with topless Swedish girls and “I Love Cyprus” t-shirts (no offense to any Cypriot and Swedish girls- I am Cypriot and Swedish people are very close to my heart). They were pretty during the first year (the souvenirs, not the Swedish girls), maybe during the second year, but definitely not in the 20th year of circulation. They ended up being a form of decadence and frankly a waste of money.

This is why we feel extra proud for people like Anna Koumoushi and Myria Konnari (as we were for GreenT). They have managed to make ultra cool, souvenirs for locals and tourists by collaborating on their Made in Cyprus initiative, a way to promote Cyprus as a fun, multicultural destination.

Besides funky postcards representing our culture they have re-made their fantastic, value-for-money Made In Cyprus pouches (for only 18€)!

Check out their Facebook page for more information HERE!




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