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Gaston Bakehouse

25th March ave, 22775775, Engomi, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 8:00-18:00
I haven’t written anything in a few days and I feel I have so much to share. So putting the tavernas on pause, it’s time to move on to one of my favourite types of shops: a bakery. With new, creative, innovative and above all, daring cakes and bakes Gaston Bakehouse has come to shock the bakery world.
When a young doctor, joins hands with a finance graduate, this is what happens. Being an investment banker turned food blogger myself, I am a strong believer in people taking advantage of their skills in different areas. Their new baby Gaston, is a result of their imagination, their vision and their skills to find the right people for this job. To quote “we knew what we wanted and we found the right people to help us”. I couldn’t agree more! You don’t have to be a baker yourself to put an idea into implementation. As long as you are foodie who knows what’s good and what isn’t.
Gaston bakehouse NicosiaIf I had to add one adjective before Gaston’s it would be innovation. The ingredients they used to make their breads I have not seen before. Gaston bakehouse NicosiaBread with wine and almonds, beetroot, fruits and spinach is only a sample of the variety that you at get at Gaston’s. Apart from interesting breads, one can find traditional “peinirli”, health bars with oats and dried fruits, and scrumptious desserts.
Gaston bakehouse NicosiaNow onto the flavour. I can’t say that flavour-wise they are exactly where they need to be, but it’s getting there. I expected the wine and almond bread to have a more sour flavour from the wine, as it was quite neutral in taste. The chilli chocolate tart and salted caramel tart both had a very rich, thick and yummy filling but I did think the tart base should have been a bit more buttery and a bit less crumbly. I heard, however, that their chocolate orange tart is sublime so can’t wait to try that one!Gaston bakehouse Nicosia
I went on a Saturday afternoon but I am definitely returning on a weekday morning to see the bakers in action. The bakery and kitchen are in an open plan which is amazing for one to see they every day action.
In a nutshell, I am very happy I found Gaston as we do need new and amazing products to keep our palates happy. I am very confident they will slowly but surely become the gourmet bakery of the city.



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