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Preferably Pure

Call Preferably Pure on 97689352 or visit for orders

If you have noticed a global move towards healthy eating, organic foods, clean diet is because the change is happening. We are going back to basics. I have always been conscious about what I ate but always have kept a balance between enjoying a good meal, wine, sweets and indulgence with healthy and clean eating…more like a 70-30 diet, 70% being the clean, healthy green part, 30% being the all-in part. The 70 met the 30 when I discovered Preferably Pure. It didn’t take long to fall in love with it and everything about it: the concept, the flavour, the ingredients, the whole thing.
IMG_6953It doesn’t get more home made than this since Irini, the person behind Preferably Pure makes these delicious raw truffles herself, at home. The fact that she is all about a good balance made me like Preferably Pure even more! Apart from raw they are also organic, sugar-free and vegan, packed with superfoods. For the non believers who think these things taste like nothing (Mr Proud Cypriot being one of them), pretend you haven’t read the last sentence and just try them with a neutral mind (I tried it, it works!). Needless to say they are amazing for kids as they taste great. My kids devoured them (or the ones that were left) and that says a lot!
They come in 3 flavours: the peanut butter bite for more nutty flavour and high protein content (the peanut butter is of course, home made), the apricot almond for a more sour-fruity flavour and (my favourite) the cacao coconut for something more chocolate-y and sweet. Chia seeds, flax seeds, raw cacao, coconut, goji berries are just a sample of the nutritious ingredients they include.
IMG_6793The thousand dollar question: where can you get them? Call 97689352 and order your quantity (2, 6, 12 or 15), your flavour and your delivery date. Irini can arrange to bring them over whenever you like. I have already got a standard weekly delivery happening.
And this is just the beginning…



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