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Fogo e Brasa

Stasikratous 26, 22250160, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun dinner, Sun lunch & dinner
My motto of life has always been, if you want to do something and succeed do your own thing just do it well. Whatever that may be. Try to copy someone else, try to do something you are not passionate about and you will fail. The first reason to appreciate Fogo e Brasa is exactly that: Jeffrey and Gustavo have followed a passion coming from their origins, something we haven’t seen before, something new and unique. Is it a risk? Well, no. Because they have done it well, without trying to do copy something else “that works”. Brazilian “churrascaria” in the centre of the capital is place to be for any steak lover.
The venue itself is in an amazing location on Stasikratous street, one of (if not THE most) prestigious streets in the centre of Nicosia. I particularly like the fact that it is on the first floor, meaning it’s more private and you have to know what it is to visit it. It looked quite big in the pictures but in fact, it’s not. It’s much more cosy and warm that I expected, with dark wood and dark metal colour prevailing. The long bar right by the entrance is truly beautiful while the comfortable sofas make it the go-to place for a relaxed meal.
Fogo e Brasa restaurant Nicosia

Fogo e Brasa restaurant Nicosia

Fogo e Brasa restaurant NicosiaThe highlight is of course, the food (and surprise surprise, the meat). One has two options, to order a la cart or to get the “rodizio”, which is basically as much meat as you can have! A waiter comes by your table whenever something is ready and serves you straight from the grill (and I have seen the grill, it’s not a joke!). The finest fillet steak, chicken hearts, chicken wings, beef ribs, Picanha, sirloin you name it! And it won’t end unless you want it to end.
Fogo e Brasa restaurant NicosiaNeedless to say we enjoyed one rodizio and a sea-salt and garlic Picanha steak (beef medallions). The Picanha cooked medium rare and presented in a wooden board was tender and something beyond flavoursome with a well balanced flavour of salt and garlic. Fogo e Brasa restaurant NicosiaThe “rodizio” was a true experience. Mr Proud Cypriot thought it was a joke as he wouldn’t’ believe they would keep on bringing delicious meat indefinitely! Everything comes with a choice of freshly fried or baked potatoes.Fogo e Brasa restaurant NicosiaWith all of that there is a long buffet of traditional salads, pasta and rice for free with a any “a la carte” meal or “rodizio”. And the best part? Kids eat for free!
Apart from meat there is the seafood option with salmon, a yummy porcini mushroom risotto and jumbo grilled prawns and a vegetarian risotto. Prices looked elevated at first but when I saw the buffet that came with it I realised the price is actually equivalent of a buffet of starters and a massive main course!
Whoever says there isn’t a proper steak house in Nicosia hasn’t visited Fogo e Brasa because this is THE steakhouse to visit! Fine meat, limitless quantities, elegant and relaxing ambiance in an amazing location. Yum!

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