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Bakery Gourmet Kafeneio

Sachtouri, 25106881, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon 9.30am – 4pm, Tue – Sat 9am – 4pm, Sun Closed
One picture on Instagram showing vegan pumpkin pancakes was enough to get me to my new favourite place. The most surprising thing is when I went, there was so many delicious things to try I didn’t even have the pumpkin pancakes! It’s small, it’s cool, it’s innovative, it’s cute, it’s fun and above all, it makes mouth-watering vegan, vegetarian and healthy food.
My first visit was right before Christmas after an hour at the gym. And yes, I am one of those people who go to the gym so they can eat more. Fortunately I went with my cousin who is a food fanatic (and a vegetarian).
The first good sign was that it wasn’t on a main street (although central), and actually had to use Google maps to find it. The second good sign was that as soon as I entered I was casually welcomed by the two lovely ladies in a way that made me feel I knew them my whole life. After introducing myself I cut to the chase and saw the menu.
I started off with a green smoothie with kale and ginger off the menu and continued with two open sandwiches, which we shared. The first one with cucumber and avocado was light and refreshing while the second one (my favourite) with avocado, seared rocket and an egg on top had a more rich flavour, my kind of thing. Both simple, nutritious and delicious.The carrot cake pancakes we shared with coconut milk froth, which were of course sugar free and vegan were the ultimate breakfast dessert. They were thin but filling in both flavour and texture. As if that wasn’t enough we were also offered a carrot cake to try, which I could describe as the cherry on the cake. And the best part? It was sugar free AND vegan! Needless to say we also left with energy balls and bites, chocolate cookies and feta and spinach muffins to-go.
We had the pleasure of enjoying all of the above in a super cute place that indeed looked like a gourmet “kafeneio” with traditional elements in a funky way. In fact the overall vibe of the place was exactly like Ioulietta and Chris: colourful and happy!

On my list for next time are the pumpkin pancakes, the vegan bakes and all of their open sandwiches!
Price wise it was around 7-8€ for the pancakes and sandwiches and 7-8€ for each smoothie. A lot of things are organic and everything is all-natural so value for money was good. I thought the smoothies were a bit expensive at 8€ each but everything was so good that we didn’t care.
If you are foodie who likes to eat well and actually cares about what goes into their bodies should visit Bakery Kafeneio ASAP!

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