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Psomi ke Alati

Panayioti Tsangari 64, Potamos Germasogeias, 99679003, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Sat 6:00-14:00, 15:00-20:00
If you pass by it you most probably won’t stop. But if you ever happen to stop you will become addicted. I feel like the universe wanted me to go there as for a whole month I kept hearing about Psomi ke Alati. Right where I least expected it I found this amazing artisan bakery to change my view on bread.
It may look small but there you can find so much more than any of your every day “fournous” (bakeries). Mr Evros does have over 30 years of experience as he was a senior manager at Pagkypria Artopiia actually teaching other bakers AND has attended numerous baking courses in France over his course. Yes, he knows bread but what’s mostly fascinating is how, after all these years in mainstream bakeries, he now makes the healthiest, all-natural breads with flours most of us have barely heard of.
Oat bread, zea bread, spelt, dinkel, rye with sourdough, yeast, reduced gluten, you name it! Everything is made without any preservatives, and using mostly organic flour. Even his whole wheat flour he gets from a provider in Athienou who uses a traditional stonemeal, in this way “the flour is not burnt as with mainstream flours, and the flavour is preserved” as he said.Apart from mouth-watering bread made with the finest flours, I couldn’t help but fall in love with his homemade “tahinopitta” (tahini pie). He doesn’t use a lot of sugar as it allows the tahini to release its aroma as he said. The vegan muffin with olives and sundried tomatos was full of flavour while the whole wheat baquet with feta cheese which I enjoyed hot was phenomenal.

The fact this retired couple was so informed on the new trends on veganism, healthy eating and all-natural foods was shocking. They even make a range of biscuits like oat biscuits, tahini biscuits and apple muffins with low or no sugar at all.

The cherry on the cake is that Mr Evros and his amazing wife Mrs Maria make vegan cakes some of the finest bakers can’t make, like vegan Tiramisu, vegan cheese cakes and peanut butter brownies, which I can’t wait to try.
What you need to know is that: everything is made to order. It’s likely that you find biscuits and some breads on the day but it’s best to order beforehand (from 4 hours to a day before). Everything can be customised to your preferences as you can choose your flour, sourdough vs yeast, you can add raisins, make biscuits with any combination you like. If you have kids I am sure you are placing the healthy treats order in your head already! My zea bread, sugar free oat biscuits and carob sticks order is now a regular one!
I would rank this as one of the 2-3 discoveries of the year, so you know what that means. Call Mr Evros, order your baked goods and go!


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