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Uluwatu Specialty Coffees

Anexartisias 10, 25222191, LIMASSOL
Mon-Thu 7.30am – 8pm / Fri 7.30am – 9pm / Sat 9am – 9pm  / Sun 11am – 9pm
Did you know that Uluwatu is in Bali? Well, in case you would like a taste of that exotic world and Bali is actually out of the question at the moment, I suggest you visit this amazing place in Limassol and enjoy a good cup of coffee and also indulge yourself with one… or maybe two fancy homemade ice creams.
I have had my (social media) eye on this place for some time now and finally I got the chance to visit and as soon as I entered it felt like home. A rather small place, very cosy and modern at the same time, with just the right lighting and exotic plants to complement the scenery.
As the name implies, of course the place is all about specialty coffees. I was a bit puzzled with the coffee menu, but the owner was kind enough to explain the philosophy behind every kind of coffee and portions. My americano was strong and the smell was mesmerizing.
Apart from the right kind of coffee, at Uluwatu Specialty Coffees you get a delicious bonus, with the oh so cute and fancy gelato pops in various shapes, colors and flavours. Oh and edible flowers (yes!). It was rather difficult to choose, as I always want to try everything really. So, the basic flavor is cheesecake and then you can choose between the following: caramel and chocolate, edible flowers and strawberry sauce, red orange, fig sauce and hazelnut choco, digestive cookies and pomegranate …and few more… See? Not so easy right? Ok, finally (as usual) I ended up with chocolate and I did not regret it. Just the right portion and actually light in taste, not too sweet and not too heavy.
Very peaceful ambiance and a pleasant environment, this is the coffee place you will fall in love with. The price for two coffees and one ice-cream was 7€, which I think was very reasonable, since you get something different and special straight from… Uluwatu!








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