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Top 10 things to do in a Cypriot summer

  1. Eat a sandwich from Profitis Elias’s kiosk in Protaras
  2. Rent a boat from Latsi port and visit Blue Lagoon in Akamas
  3. Eat “kleftiko” wrapped in paper at Porfyrios in Peristerona village
  4. Drink “frappe” in a plastic pint glass on the beach
  5. Eat watermelon with halloumi on you veranda on a Sunday evening
  6. Eat prickly pears until you get constipated
  7. Buy ice cream from Heraklis Ice Cream and walk down Ledras street
  8. Eat fried calamari and fries by the beach
  9. Go to the beach with a coolbox full of beers and sandwiches
  10. Make home-made “souvlaki” on your own foukou and invite your friends over

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