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The Daily Roast opens a second coffee spot for more coffee pleasure

16 Gerasimou Marcora Street, Nicosia & 2C Esperidon Street, 99726927, NICOSIA
Mon-Fri 7am – 7pm, Sat 8am – 4pm, Sun Closed.
When I first visited this place I felt that these guys really know their coffee. A small and stylish place filled with exquisite coffee smells and tastes. And then I found out that they opened their second spot in Nicosia, which is bigger. When this happens I sometimes get a bit worried about the quality and the sense of the place. Would it be the same or will it lose that vibe that I liked in the first place? But, it looks like these guys adjusted their style and followed their philosophy. New place, but the same good coffee quality and character. And to that I say yes.

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