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Is this the first gluten and dairy free restaurant in Cyprus?

9 Andrea Drousioti Street, Heroes Square, 25013738, LIMASSOL, Mon-Sat 9am – 5.30pm, Sun Closed.
Well, this is what “Theta Healthy Eating Cuisine” say it’s all about and I cannot wait to try this one. Now that everyone is changing habits and are going for the healthy and balanced diets, what is better than having that choice when you go out as well.
«Θ» is the traditional symbol for life and these guys say that they have put in great efforts in bridging the gap between healthy and delicious and focusing on quality ingredients.
The team also supports local artists and have created the Θ Art Wall, were we they will be featuring the Θ Artists of the Month. Artists will have the opportunity to display and sell their work, communicate and put their vision out to the world free of charge.
More info on the food coming soon!

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