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Kafeneio “Apomero”

24 Poliviou Street, 97848155-99358919, NICOSIA, Mon-Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun 10am – 11pm, Tue Closed
In Greek “apomero” means somewhere hidden, not in the centre and certainly not in the spotlight. Mrs. Androulla, the owner, who is just a superwoman and my personal hero definitely has a “spotlight” in my heart. This was actually her dream and at her late 70s this is exactly what she did. She made it and she is there running the place every single day. She wakes up very early in the morning to bake all those delicious handmade goodies she serves and she walks from her house to this cute “kafeneio”, where you almost feel like you are in small Greek island and the sea is just a few steps away. 
The place is not very big and not too small, is just right, with beautiful white and blue walls outside and inside a more traditional feel, with the embroidery curtains and table clothes. It’s located in between the small streets of the old city of Nicosia and it almost feels like a huge discovery when you first visit it. Quiet and relaxing and not much to mention as far as the music is concerned, exactly because of the houses located very near. 
It attracts all ages for coffee and the very popular pies mentioned earlier. My personal favourite? I can’t choose. Everyday there is something different, but some standard goodies are the orange pie, the “galaktomboureko”, the olive pie and, oh let’s not forget the spinach pie. When I first visited it, it started with coffee and then as more friends joined we ended up drinking our rose wines. Needless to say Mrs. Androulla took really good care of us, serving us various bits and bites.
It’s cool for something relaxed, local and away from the spotlight.


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