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Galette Artisan Bakery

Spyrou Araouzou, 25100815, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Sun 7:30-22:30
I don’t know if artisan bakeries are the new fruit yogurt, all I know is I’m loving this trend. I must admit Galette was not what I expected. Being right by the new Limassol port I expected it to be a touristy, take-away place. But yet, it was a 100% Cypriot owned and managed, local bakery where tradition meets innovation- and I am not saying that lightly.
I have been meaning to visit Galette Artisan Bakery from the first week it opened since all about its looks scream “modern”: the black tent, the nicely done logo and the fact that, although in between buildings it still stands out. Although it may seem like there’s no parking there’s a large plot right next to it. It is truly tiny but no space is wasted since one can find everything from a variety of local and international breads, to beautiful bakes, sweets and biscuits. When I was told there are 15 bakers making everything I couldn’t believe it but I guess this is what it takes for truly innovative bakes without compromising on flavour AND keeping traditional touches.
The barley bread that I liked was spongy and moist without being too light (thank God as I am not a fan of fluffy and “empty” bread). The gluten free chocolate biscuits that I was kindly offered to taste were rich yet impressively light, while the almond biscotti (similar to “canducci”), that my daughter literally “stole” from the shelves were crunchy and sweet with a very “natural” flavour. My favourite pick was the “tahinopitta” with a light pistachio paste as a twist. Although I would have preferred it to be less “bready”, I liked the balanced flavour and the idea of adding pistachio to tahini.
I am definitely going back for the “halloumopitta” which the very polite assistants said it was a best seller and the galette with seasonal fruit. I still can’t believe I didn’t try their almond croissant that looked something beyond delicious but that’s another thing to look forward to.
A new Galette is already open on Anexartisias street and supposedly it has even more yummy food. Even if you can’t go there for your daily bread you MUST try it for truly luxurious, artisan croissants, sweets and sandwiches. A place made by Cypriot and Proud people to make us even more…proud.

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