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Elma & Fred go green with a healthy menu

42-44 Griva Digeni Avenue, 22680800, NICOSIA, Mon – Sat 9am – 11pm, Sun Closed 
Well everyone seems to be going the “green” way and it’s nice to see that restaurant owners are adopting the healthy menu in their options. Why not after all? Everyone is so conscious with their diet these days, especially now that the hot summer days are here and lighter meals are more appropriate. Elma & Fred, the concept store/restaurant/all day bar, is introducing their “green menu” with healthier options that are super delicious. You see, my concern is that ok yes you go green, but are you going full taste as well? I mean I am conscious about my health and diet, but I want my food to be tasty, right? Well, at Elma & Fred you can find a variety of tasty balanced meals and also very interesting drink options. Go Green they say, so let’s do that.
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