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Georgia Moditi

This young cypriot designer is one to look for all the time for unique clothing taste, but especially every season, since she always keeps up with her collections and of course her personal style. 

I always look for cypriot designers, because it’s not only about supporting your locals, it is also the fact that we have many young and very talented designers and makers around us. Why not spend our money there, support them and promote our country as a whole, right?

And Georgia Moditi is one of those young and very talented fashion designers. She was always into fashion, so when I heard that she is starting her own personal fashion collection in 2014, I couldn’t wait to see and wear her creations. Very minimal but with a twist, elegant, effortless all day clothes for women and a few unisex pieces. She likes prints, but mostly she focuses on plain colors and one thing to look for is really good quality in the selection of her fabrics. 

She recently launched her “Georgia Moditi Basics” line and she is now preparing for her new Spring / Summer 2017 main collection. She is very disciplined and on spot with her collections, producing two each year.

She keeps developing her style and creating not only for us grown ups, but for the little ones as well! Yes, she takes custom made orders for kids and of course she couldn’t stop there. She is now in the heat of the preparations for her first bridal collection. Wow. That will be something to wait for, for sure.

Her studio in Kaimakli, is located at a very cute and picturesque spot and is very inviting and even though with minimal decor, it’s very welcoming and “warm”. You can see her clothes there and a few accessories she makes as well. Also if you want to get into sewing, you can also do that there. What I’m I talking about? Georgia is teaching sewing to everyone interested, so if you want to start a new hobby, this is a place to do so.

Prices for her clothes range between €30 – €180.

Contact info for Georgia Moditi

Facebook: georgiamoditistore

Instagram: georgiamoditi

Tel.: 99514374

Studio: 80 Griva Digeni, Kaimakli, Nicosia.

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