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An amusement bar that goes by the name “Gouni”

2E Christodoulou Sozou Street, 22101587, NICOSIA, Mon, Tue, Thu 6pm – 12pm, Wed 7.30pm – 12pm, Fri 6pm – 2am, Sat 8.30pm – 2am, Sun 8.30pm – 12am
With a very unusual and interesting decor, this is the bar that has a funny name as well, Gouni. Surely different from any other Nicosia bar, I mean as far as the decor is concerned at least. Focusing more on cocktails (almost like every bar nowadays) and with not so many wine options to choose from. I mean I like my cocktails, but I’m more of a wine lover to be honest. Loved the music though almost every time I visited the place. They often host popular DJ’s from around the island so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more. Something different in the Nicosia bar scene, worth your visit.

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