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Ermou271 To Dixoro

271 Ermou Street, 99823415, NICOSIA, Tue – Fri 9am – 2pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 2pm, Mon Closed. 

This part of the old city of Nicosia, I must say it’s one of my favourites. It’s the old houses, the traditional architecture, the little streets and the new openings that have a more interesting feel than the busy buzzy Ledras or Onasagorou. Don’t get me wrong, I visit that part of the town too and I enjoy it, but if I have to choose, the area near Famagusta Gate is my personal favourite.

And as we were once again wandering around with a proud Cypriot friend, trying to find a place to have a coffee, we came across Ermou 271 “To Dixoro”. “Dixoro” in greek actually breaks in two words “dio” and “horos”, which literally means two parts or two rooms. And “Ermou 271 To Dixoro”, is exactly that: an old traditional building with two rooms, a nice outside sitting place, quiet in the afternoon. The owner also told me that later in the evening the beat goes up and the place turns into a bar with cocktails and sometimes live music.

We enjoyed our Cypriot coffee with special treats, the traditional “loukoumia” sweets. My proud Cypriot friend was really into those and asked the owner for more flavours and he was kind enough to actually bring the whole jar for him to choose the flavours he wanted!

The menu includes wines, cocktails as well and a few snacks and platters. If you are a fan they also have their premium “nargile” (shisha). The staff were very friendly and the prices were reasonable. We paid €4 for two double Cypriot coffees. I will definitely go back for a glass of wine and maybe later in the evening to check out the change of scenery. An overall, pleasant experience.

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