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Searching for the best ice cream : Part II

I eat my ice cream. Truth is I like it a lot. I have my preferences but I do like to try different tastes and especially unusual ones. Oh and combinations. In this year’s search for that special ice cream or the very unusual tastes, I came across a few very interesting concepts.

Uluwatu Specialty Coffees 

At Uluwatu Specialty Coffees  you can enjoy your very eclectic coffee selections and homemade ice cream produced by the owner himself. Bio milk cheesecake ice creams in fancy shapes and even edible flowers. The menu also offers the non dairy sorbet ice creams with lemon & mint or lemon & fresh strawberries. If you fancy the real deal go for the White Apple ice cream which is white chocolate with apple cinnamon sauce, the Sandwich with Digestive cookies and raspberry or pomegranate ice cream flavor or the Oreo sandwich with Oreo cookies and chocolate ice cream.

10 Anexartisias Limassol.


Regis Ice Cream

For the all time classic I am choosing Regis Ice Cream, because yes I’m a romantic at heart and Regis reminds me of my childhood. Now they also include the sorbet versions in their selections, if you fancy something lighter.



New York Sweets 

I keep coming back to you as well. Their flavors are so rich and fulfilling, satisfying and mouthwatering. The cheesecake with the biscuit & raspberry sauce and the hazelnut praline are the best sellers and a must try. Pagotinia are also very popular, the smaller ice cream version on a stick. Try the best sellers: snickers with chocolate topping, pomegranate yogurt with white chocolate topping or the chocolate cherry with chocolate topping.

Nicosia: Nikis Avenue Store 22493737, Engomi 22356067, Limassol 25368506, Germasogia 25311716, Agios Athanasios 25558840, Larnaca 24627770, Pafos 26944855. 


Gelatiamo Artisan Gelato

This one is serving Italian gelato and frozen yogurt, using a homemade Italian method for their ice creams. Their own special recipe and the most popular flavor for over 3 years now is the “cremino nutella” which is hazelnut cream with nutella topping. I personally prefer the more bitter and darker chocolate flavours but I ‘m sure the nutella fans will go crazy! The frozen yogurt is pure yogurt. The owner told me that something new is in the making, but it’s a big secret and it’s going to come out in about a month or two. Really, really something very big he said…!

 51 Onasagorou Street, Nicosia.


Old Danish Ice Cream

Oldie and goodie. Over 45 ice cream flavors in store and the fruity yogurt that you can enjoy with iced fruit or plain and with only 3% fat. Aha. Make sure to taste their ice cream with the homemade crispy cone, the owner’s special recipe.

35A Georgiou Street, Germasogia, Limassol. 


Gelato Mio

Go and taste the weirdest and most unusual ice cream flavors here: patticha (watermelon) and halloumi, flaouna, rizogalo (rice milk pudding), farine lactee, loucoumades (honey balls), glyko karidaki, pastellaki with teratsomelo and the most popular the ekmek politiko. And the best part? All their flavors include real pieces of each ingredient. So, it’s watermelon and halloumi for real!

27 Anoikodomiseos, Ayios Athanasios, Limassol. 


Gelamo Gelato Caffe

If in Paphos this is the best ice cream joint with high quality homemade gelato with over 40 flavors to choose from, any kind of fruit you can think of and chocolate flavors of course like maltesers, kinder and their new additions, ice cream with stevia. The signature ice cream here though is full fat and it’s called Chocolat with brownies, dark chocolate and hot fudge and the Crunchy Caramello with creme brulee ice cream. Oh my..!

114 Apostolou Pavlou, Palio Limani, Paphos. 



What? Macaron ice cream sandwich? Yeap! It’s bigger than the normal size, at 7.5cm – 8cm, with 1.5 scoop of ice cream. The shop’s signature one is the cheesecake & ricotta, but I’m going also for the dark chocolate with soya milk and the vanilla one. You can also choose your macaron taste in strawberry and chocolate, 100% gluten free.

12 Mpoumpoulinas Street, Nicosia. 

Big Softie

Big Softie is the brainchild of Kantina and Melt Creamery as the guys are describing it and they are making their appearance soon and I cannot wait for this one. Stay tuned for more info.




Did you go because you saw it on Cypriot and Proud? Don’t forget to let them know!

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