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Huga Studio

5 Boumpoulinas Street, 99370073, NICOSIA, Monday – Tuesday & Thursday – Friday 4pm – 7pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm, Wednesday closed.
(You can book a personal appointment out of studio hours). 
I had my eye on this one for some time, following their inviting Instagram feed with very interesting furniture, books, even baby clothes. That was enough for me to visit. 

As soon as I entered, I was greeted by one of the owners, a very charming and polite woman, also an interior designer. My first question was the name choice of course, since I was very curious about that. “Huga“, comes from the Danish word “hygge” (pronounced “huga”), which means something that makes you feel comfortable, to enjoy the moment in a sense. And at Huga Studio, you do feel relaxed, actually you get the ‘feeling of home’ sense, strongly connected to the ‘hygge’ concept.

In here everything is very carefully selected with designer products locally produced or imported from almost everywhere, focusing on the furniture collection and restoration and I had to ask what was their most unusual find. The owner smiled and told me it was actually one evening after dinner while walking towards their car, when they saw something interesting that could not wait and they had to carry the furniture with them all night long! 

For the furniture restorations they try to keep a uniformity and their finish is the original modern style of the 50’s – 60’s. They sell, but also buy vintage design furniture and items from the mid century and they also take over interior projects, blending the old Scandinavian style with the modern approach.

Other products were later on added to their collections with Gestalten art & design books, Persian kelims, vintage lights from The Netherlands, even purses by Dutch designer Margo Jeanette, baby and mum goodies by brand name Bezisa and greeting cards by Creative Lab Amsterdam.

They also support local Cypriot designers with wooden objects for the home, stationary and jewellery by Studio 3533, ceramics and textiles by illustrator Daphne Christoforou, ceramics by Evdokia Savva, woven textiles and also a very envious floor lamp by Julia Astreou, various objects for the home and office by Draw Collective & Constantinos Economides and prints and textiles by Maya Angeli. They also feature he owner’s brand Lonelybird designs with the so cute baby clothes. Well that’s a very interesting gift list to choose from, with something for everyone. Literally.

It’s interesting to know that the owners collect various furniture that they keep for customisation. For example, they may have a big sofa in its original form that they can customize according to the customer’s preferences, with a very nice selection of fabrics to choose from.

For me Huga Studio is the definition of a lifestyle store, with specific attention to detail in every corner. Even the plants match the furniture and the objects are carefully placed in the space, to actually make you feel like you enter a complete and stylish home. And since this is a furniture store, it very often changes its decor as soon as someone buys, for example, the coffee table. That means the owners update their collections frequently.

Did you go because you saw it on Cypriot and Proud? Don’t forget to let them know!


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