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Zacharotechniki Machi

13 Souliou Street, Strovolos 22492711, NICOSIA
Many independent cake shops keep popping up lately and you get to see more or less the same designs and concepts in cakes. What I liked as soon as I visited Zacharotechniki Machi was the friendly vibe of the place and the kindness of the owner. George took over the shop and did not want to change the name, since he knew Mrs. Machi who was the previous owner and was baking excellent cakes for a very long time. He saw it as an honor, to keep her name and continue her legacy in a way.
What makes his cakes and sweets different from others that I tasted, is the fact that everything is homemade, every recipe is originally created by him, done with only the best and the most fresh ingredients. No preservatives, nothing pre-made. George said in certain cases ingredients were added or removed accordingly to reach perfection.
His flavours include The Chocolate Cake with white chocolate which really it’s to die for and is indeed one of his most popular selections. The Red Velvet cake with Forest Fruit, the Vanilla Cake with white chocolate and my personal favourite “Doukissa”. Homemade taste all the way, literally melting in your mouth.
Apart from cakes you can find in his selections the chocolate squares (similar to brownies), vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, American type cookies (the big soft ones) in three flavours: sugar, butter and chocolate and the playful cake pops in vanilla or chocolate flavours. The designs vary and you can contact him for a personal appointment and let him know exactly what you need and for what occasion. He works his magic for weddings, christenings with treat tables, birthdays as well.
Overall a very nice encounter, with a low profile creative person, based on a homemade concept, which I strongly support.
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