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Koukouvaya Bistro & Bar is brand new in Nicosia

37D Stasikratous Street99333301, NICOSIA

So many openings, so little time. Funny, but true. This is yet another opening in Nicosia in the near future, by the end of the month actually, Koukouvaya Bistro & Bar, at Stasikratous street. It’s nice to hear about openings in that area of the city and not the old town, something that is becoming only but a trend lately. This one sounds promising, offering a full menu and cocktails and also I’ve heard that they will be organising various special events such as jazz nights and also art exhibitions. I am not sure about the name as it reminds me of the relatively new restaurant in Athens, but let’s not let it affect us.

Did you go because you saw it on Cypriot and Proud? Don’t forget to let them know!

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