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Popcorn Girl Cyprus

86 Andrea Avraamidi Street70007830, NICOSIA, Mon – Thu 10am – 8pm, Fri 10am – 9pm, Sat 9am – 9pm, Sun 10am – 6pm
From Las Vegas to Cyprus. This is the brand new store, Popcorn Girl Cyprus, that makes 26 different popcorn flavours and 18 different fudge flavours, right there in store, with a professional chef, using only the finest ingredients.
I was passing by very often and as soon I saw the signage announcing their opening, I paid my visit and met the owner, a very polite man, who welcomed me and explained the concept of the store.
He pointed out the fact that they have a very professional chef in their team and their kitchen is right there in store. They use quality ingredients for their recipes such as real cheese and they make their own caramel flavour, using a secret recipe. Needless to say they wouldn’t share it! I had the Vanilla popcorn flavour which was very light as a taste, the Sea Salt & Caramel and the Cheese which was a bit intense, but a very good savoury option. I will be back for more flavours such us the Green Applicious and the Banana one.
Apart from the many colourful popcorn flavours, that change according to preferences and also to offer often new selections to customers, they also make their own fudge, something the owner was very proud of. Using a specific patent that comes all the way from Las Vegas, their fudge is very different from others, as he pointed out and of course I had to taste a few pieces (small ones:) and find out for my self. No refrigerator is needed for the fudge here and it can be consumed for up to three months keeping its full taste! And believe me, this is a very fine velvety taste. I had the Lemon Meringue which I really liked as I like the lemon-y flavours, the Rocky Road and the very rich Banoffee flavour.
They offer large quantities of popcorn, for events. The owner also mentioned they are a very popular option for children’s birthday parties and christenings. You can choose your flavours, each in a different serving bucket. Finally, they offer pop cart rentals with self-pick up and return whereas, for smaller events they have special displays and containers.
Here’s a different option for all of you with a sweet tooth and surely a very playful and colourful option for your special events. You will surely impress your guests.
Did you go because you saw it on Cypriot and Proud? Don’t forget to let them know!


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