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An Alternative Summer BBQ

We are Cypriots, we grill kebab, we order kebab, we make kebab in the oven, I get it. It’s all about kebab. But what about trying something different, equally (or more) tasty and in fact, quicker than “souvlakia”?

I am still trying to perfect the seafood but with my latest find I believe I am doing quite well! Apart from grilled vegetables I went for deliciously marinated Thai prawns from Lidl, grilled vegetables and pitta bread. In addition, I often make a delicious tomato and chopped garlic salad with lots of olive oil and homemade hoummous as I find it goes well with seafood.

A complete, Friday night BBQ included:
  • Marinated fresh Thai prawns from Lidl
  • Cuttle fish marinated in olive oil, lemon and salt
  • Green, orange and red peppers and aubergines from Lidl fresh vegetable section
  • Fresh tomatoes with some chopped garlic on the side
  • Your choice of carbs: rice, potatoes or pitta bread

It was so easy to make and far more interesting, I cannot recommend it enough.



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