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They call it “Spumoni” at Silver Star

44-46 Sofouli, 22666579, NICOSIA, Mon – Thu 5.30pm – 12.30am, Fri 5.30 – 1.30am, Sat & Sun Closed

New menus everywhere and it’s not only the restaurants who are into this concept, but our favourite bars too. At Silver Star they created the “Spumoni” with Campari, white grapefruit juice and tonic water. These guys know their drinks and they have their own version for this cocktail: cooked sous vide with creamy fruit to give it a round and smooth profile. They add a specific tonic water brand, “Fever Tree Naturally Light” tonic and it is impressive to see a drinks’ menu with various tonic waters to choose from. Last time I was there with Mr. Proud we were actually talking about how much more different can one tonic water brand be from another! Yet, there are so many and they come in fancy glass bottles too.

Did you go because you saw it on Cypriot and Proud? Don’t forget to let them know!

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