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New Catering Menu at Get Fresh

4DE Andrea Demetriou, 22437374, NICOSIA, Mon – Fri 7.30am – 5pm, Sat 9am – 5pm, Sun Closed 
Get Fresh introduces now their new catering menu, giving me new ideas when I’m celebrating a special occasion at home or at the office or simply when I’m having friends over and there’s no way of preparing something ahead. The quality is guaranteed so the only thing left is to choose amongst delicious selections such as the “Start Right Breakfast Platter” which serves 7 to 9 persons and includes 3 Yogi Pots, 3 Bircher Pots, 3 Orange and Date Pots and adds up to €24. They also have a “Kids Sandwich Platter” which consists of 8 sandwiches on slice with gammon and cucumber, cucumber and cream cheese, Yo Egg, chicken avocado and cream cheese, up to approximately 32 pieces and serves 8 to 10 children, at €20. Many more selections on their website.

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