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Parisian like Platho Sugar Sculptures

9C Fotiou Pitta Street, 22252984, NICOSIA, Tue & Thu РFri Р8am Р7pm, Wed 8.30am Р5.30pm, Sat 8.30am Р2.30pm, Sun & Mon Closed
I was passing by this one just yesterday and it was such a pleasant surprise to see! Ok, the place was already closed by the time I was there, but what I saw convinced me enough to research it a bit more and I will be visiting soon, for sure. This is a Parisian like confectionery that also serves coffee, sweets and savoury snacks. You can order that cake you have in mind for any special occasion, the designs look truly magnificent. Take away or stay in, the place is an unexpected surprise in the particular street of the city centre.

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