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Angel’s Cup

20 Kanari Street25222987, LIMASSOL, Mon – Fri 10am – 8pm, Sat 9.30pm – 3pm, Sun Closed  (For July & August 2017)
When I visit a place for the first time I immediately feel the vibe. I’m sure this is something you experience too. It’s not only the place, it’s the atmosphere and the feeling you get from the people who own it. As soon as I entered Angel’s Cup, I felt a positive energy bursting out of this so small and cute coffee shop. Then, I met Angela, the owner and everything fell into place. She is a very calm, polite and kind woman, ready to welcome you with a smile and serve you very good quality coffee and homemade snacks.
The place is small and very cosy with a high ceiling, stoned walls and cute decorations all around. There are a few tables inside and a few seats outside. She said people like to sit opposite the actual cafe, at a nice area with long wooden seats, surrounded by graffiti walls.
She serves TAF coffee, which is exquisite really. I tried the Freddo Espresso and I could not resist a piece of the homemade “doukissa” (chocolate cake with biscuits) she offered, made by her mother. Each bite was literally melting in my mouth and I made sure to enjoy it slowly. The menu includes other seasonal homemade sweets made by her mother such as the orange pie and the very popular carrot cake and savoury snacks such as spinach pie and cheese pie. Other selections include American type cookies, macarons and brownies. Oh and if you are not a coffee lover, you can try the homemade lemonade and a selection of teas, hot or iced. Specifically the red fruit, which has a very intense smell is served hot or cold with lemonade and coconut milk.
Apart from drinks and snacks, which you can also enjoy “to go” (cakes and snacks in small quantities), Angela has a small corner at the cafe with a few selected books and handmade accessories for sale.
While I was there, “her regulars” kept coming in for a coffee “to go” or to stay in. She always greeted them as if she was welcoming them at her own home. She told me that she doesn’t consider them as “customers”, she doesn’t like to call them that, but rather saying these are her friends coming in to relax and have a pleasant coffee break.
This was such a beautiful afternoon spent at this beautiful place and I will be coming back for sure, for a piece of that orange pie.

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