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All the new openings you should know about

Still looking for a place to go_ Grab that agenda and plan your summer outings with your proud Cypriot friends and let’s see which new spot will win the… race:)



Koukouvaya Bistro Bar

Brand new opening in the heart of Nicosia, specifically at Stasicratous street, offering a full menu with Italian dishes, serving dinner, drinks, cocktails and coffee. Various special events such as jazz nights and also art exhibitions will be organised very often.

37D Stasicratous Street, Nicosia. 

The Old Souls 

A new drinking house in the Nicosia bar scene, at Stasandrou street, a very up and coming area in the city centre. This one is hosting many DJ gigs and is serving a full drinks menu.

7 Stasandrou, Nicosia 

Souvlaki Lovers 

Strictly for souvlaki, what else? No, wait they do serve vegetarian dishes as well. Their specialty though is souvlaki, with options such as souvlaki platters and various meat selections on the grill. Enjoy meat galore at the restaurant, delivery or take away.

34 Larnakos Avenue, Aglantzia, Nicosia

Wok in a Box

Asian cuisine at this new spot in Nicosia, with options such as rolls with fresh vegetables filled with peanut butter. Lots of noodle combinations as well, where you can choose various ingredients and make your own dish.

5A Nikis Avenue, Nicosia

Wood n’ Fire Art Bakery  

Baking daily and stating that their products do not contain any additives or preservatives. On the counter they serve strictly fresh goods, baked on the same day. There is a minimum of 37 hours fermentation for their crusty baguette. Interesting facts indeed. 

40-42 Vyzantiou Street, Strovolos, Nicosia

Cafe Americain 

Nicosia has its own American bistro now. This is Cafe Americain by the awarded chef Konstatina Ioannou who takes care of the menu, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. A very classy atmosphere with a jazzy vibe from the 30’s.

6 Themistokli Dervi, Nicosia

Coffee Break: Mbougatsa & Kafes

A new spot near Makarios Avenue in Nicosia and this makes me a bit more hopeful for the revival of the city centre. As the name says, this coffee shop is all about special mbougatsas (pastry filled with sweet creme) and coffee of course. Fresh juices on the menu as well, with selections such as orange, grapefruit, carrot and “make your own” combinations.

7B Agias Elenis, Nicosia


This is a bio product store with a wide range of healthy living products and the main attraction here, is the fact that you supposedly find everything you need, just like visiting a supermarket. Let’s see about that, since my first concern when I hear “bio products” is the price factor of course.

157 Tseriou Avenue, Strovolos, Nicosia


The Hub Cafe soon in Limassol

This one is opening soon in Limassol, promising a brand new coffee experience, serving organic and homemade coffee and snacks. More to come soon.

201E Arch. Makariou, Limassol 

Estrella soon in Nicosia & Limassol

If you’ve been to Athens or Thessaloniki you’re supposed to know about this one and their very popular brunch. Estrella is opening two spots, in two cities in Cyprus this summer, Nicosia and Limassol. In Limassol possibly at Enaerios (as my source told me:), but in Nicosia it is yet unknown. Prepare your appetite for the very popular “mbougatsan” which is a combination of a croissant and a “mbougatsa”, with delicious soft cream inside.

Nicosia & Limassol

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