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Avenue is new in Egkomi

2 Erechthiou, Egkomi95111888, NICOSIA, Mon – Sun 10am – 2am

This one is an all day cafe bar, in Egkomi this time, in Nicosia. Open from 1o in the morning serving coffee and lunch and later in the evening a selection of cocktails are available on the menu. Very often they organise music events with DJs and live music as well. Just an observation here that I wanted to make and it’s not about this specific spot, rather than speaking in general. I notice that more and more places are adopting this “all day bar” concept lately, trying to serve everything on their menu, from coffees to snacks, to drinks and fancy cocktails. I guess if you do it right, it is perfectly fine, but why not try to succeed in something more specific, rather than trying to be everything?

Did you go because you saw it on Cypriot and Proud? Don’t forget to let them know!

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