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Pomos-Latsi-Poli and their surroundings

  • Pomos & Pyrgos

I have visited Pomos and Pyrgos areas in Cyprus a few times, but it was the first time I drove there from Nicosia by myself. Despite its beauty it’s not as crowded as you would think. Nevertheless, it is nice to get away and finally swim somewhere which is surrounded by greenery…a true paradise lost. Here’s everything you need to know.

Getting there:

The trip from Nicosia in one day is tricky as it is literally on the other side of the island. You have to go through Limassol and Paphos, which takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes. The first destination is Latsi, and then Pomos and Pyrgos. I did all of the below in one day, which is not really recommended if coming from Nicosia. It only leaves a couple of hours to relax and the drive is a bit too long. An overnight stay somewhere like Latsi or Pomos is recommended.

The ride

Pyrgos itself is beautiful to drive through. There are a few “kafenedes” and tavernas around but not much. After Pyrgos (depending on where you come from) there is the village of Mansoura and after that Pomos, my first stop. It was really surprising to see how few houses and restaurants there are. Then again it is more than an hour from Paphos, and close to 3 hours from Nicosia, also the main reason it is preserved so well. Pomos has a certain wild beauty, the deep blue sea and the tall mountains, a calm scenery in general. An area not so packed by tourists, despite that during the high season, everything everywhere nowadays is packed. The first point of reference at Pomos, was St Raphael church, located on a cliff. The view was admittedly breath-taking, but apart from that, a normal church. I continued to find Pomos’s only organised beach.

Beach + food

The only organised beach at Pomos has around 12 sunbeds and a tiny hut for coffee and drinks with the friendliest owner who is waiting to greet you with a smile and make you feel comfortable. It is called Porto Pomos and it is right below Kanali restaurant. It’s a small beach area with calm clean waters. The second beach is around 100 meters from there and there are no sunbeds. Both are very isolated and despite being a bit rocky, the waters are crystal clear and the whole scenery is very peaceful. You can’t miss it as there signs on the street.
Apart from Kanali there is another restaurant, 50 meters before it Sea Cave, both of similar standards. Kanali a bit touristy. Its location is nevertheless, fantastic. The food was quite decent and authentic. Don’t expect gourmet dishes but simple, well cooked and fresh. Sea Cave looks a bit better with really cool blue chairs and again, a fantastic view. The food includes fish (frozen and fresh) salads, dips and some omelettes. Unfortunately neither of the two offer good food, but a Greek salad, some “tahini” and bread is more than enough at these places. There are though a few alternative choices to check out apart from the restaurants. Mrs. Koula (96589533) is the place to go for sandwiches, located at a fantastic spot with a magnificent view. She prepares delicious homemade sandwiches with “koulouri” bread and any kind of ingredients you can imagine. Another option for really good food, is Mrs Eleni (26342397), a tavern/kebab place for “ofto kleftiko”, spare ribs and kebab of course, all cooked on the grill.  If you want to continue your tour, then go for the cafe bars located right on the beach towards Argaka village and enjoy a drink at sunset. That is something priceless really.

You don’t need to reserve at the restaurants, they are both on the beach front from Pyrgos to Pomos (after St Raphael church) and there are signs showing where to turn.

Moving on to Poli Chrysochous & Latsi

Getting there

Leaving Pomos towards Latsi was an equally fantastic drive as the view on the Pomos hill is extraordinary. Moreover, we managed to pass by Paradise, the only decent bar/café/restaurant in the area, which also hosts several events like jazz festivals. Although it is on the other side of the street and not right on the beach, it is quite high up by itself, being the definition of serenity and tranquillity. A stop for coffee, a cold beer or even nibbles is a must. The best time is probably around 8- I haven’t been this year so do check if it’s open before you go!
Polis Chrysochous is quite near there and a proper village or mini town. There is a town centre, quite a few restaurants and cafés. Staying at Latsi or Pomos, and visiting Polis for dinner or drinks is a good combo. What I usually do is stay at a villa in Latsi, go to the beach there or at Akamas and visit Polis for dinner.

Beach at Latsi & Akamas

Latsi has a couple of long beaches around the port, including Anassa on of the best (if not the best) hotels in Cyprus. It is not an exotic white sand beach like the one in Famagusta, but more rocky yet with beautiful clear green waters. There are a few sunbeds and cafés around (everything is walking distance from Latsi port except Anassa which is around 1km further down). What you MUST do is rent a boat from Latsi port and go to Akamas (around 20 minutes away) to enjoy one of the best sea waters in Cyprus (Blue Lagoon, Fontana Amorosa and around it). The boat rental people can let you know where to go (you can’t miss it anyway as there are quite a few boats around). You can also drive to Akamas if you have a four-wheel drive but the boat is a much better experience. You should know that it is the only National Park in Cyprus hence no houses, hotels or resorts.

Food & drinks at Latsi

Periyiali restaurant, 26321288: one of the best fish tavernas in the area. It is right on the beach and serves fresh fish (ask for it), some meat dishes on a fantastic location
Yiangos (Y&P): one of, if not the most famous fish tavernas in the area right on Latsi port. My first memory is running around the guests tables and stealing their food (I was about 5). I now find it a bit too commercial as the tables have doubled in size. The food is quite good but not as it used to be.
Ilios 26322281: One of the best bars/cafes in the area. A late afternoon or evening drink is a must.

food at Poli Chrysochous

The old town 26322758, 99632781: a sort of elegant restaurant with very local and international dishes, even though a bit overpriced. It is neither a taverna, nor an upmarket restaurant, rather something in the middle. Must-try if you are there overnight. It is not on the beach but right at the entrance of Poli Chrysochous as you are coming in from Latsi
Taverna tou Mosfilou, Arsinoes 9, 26322104, 99585797: A local taverna with traditional cooked food. It is at the exit of Polis (towards Paphos) and not on the beach.

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