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New in: Duke’s All Day Bar

32-34 Sophouli, 99858612, NICOSIA, Mon – Fri 7pm – 6pm, Sat & Sun Closed 

Run into this one by accident and it was a very satisfying accidental visit I must say. Also I’ve said it before about places changing names and/or owners and the “curse” of actually succeeding in the end. This used to be a bar or club I think and now it changed to Duke’s, an all day bar, open till 6pm. I do hope this one does succeed, because the vibe and the very kind and polite owner looks so eager to welcome the crowd, at this very modern and spacious espresso bar with a very nice seating area outside. I will be back for a full review, but for now I have to tell you that they do serve good coffee, very refreshing smoothies and the best and most delicious homemade cookies to accompany your drinks. They only have been open for two weeks and soon they will add on the menu a few snacks and probably cocktails.

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