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Is this a new trend? Art & Wine Studios in Larnaca

120 Zinonos Kitieos, 24366000, LARNACA

Is this a studio complex where you get to enjoy art and drink fine wine? Well, this is something new, located in Larnaca, with the name Art & Wine Studios and Apartments. The concept is that you get to see paintings on canvas (print on canvas) that have been carefully chosen by the owner and analyzed by an Italian art expert. The “wine” part of the concept comes again from the owner, a sommelier from the Italian Sommelier Association. Carefully chosen wines, imported directly from the producers and a private Wine Club which guests have free access to, during the period of their stay. Wine tasting with selected cheese varieties and premium cigars in smoking areas. A specific menu is designed according to accompany the fine wines and seasonal dishes will be added in the future.

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