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Kika’s Garden

Kallepia village, 99459400, PAPHOS
Mon-Sun 10:30-14:30, 19:00-23:00 (call 24 hours in advance to reserve)
If you haven’t heard of it, you will. And a lot of it. That’s what happens when something new, authentic and different comes along. Its name, “Kika’s Garden”, is quite accurate in describing what this is: Freshly prepared food from the amazing Kika in her beautiful garden. Whether that’s breakfast, dinner or home made jams, they all have quality in common.
Fortunately for me Kika’s house and the place where she hosts her daily brunches and traditional dinner experiences is only 45 minutes since I live in Limassol (on most days). One Instagram picture is all it took for me to call and although I initially enquired for dinner (but we weren’t enough people) we went for Sunday brunch.
Kallepia village is beautiful for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s breezy – a major plus in August. Secondly it’s on a hill with Kika’s garden being at the edge so expect some WOW views. The friendly welcoming by Kika’s daughter and granddaughter, the family vibe and the warm hospitality were the best start to what would follow.

Although there are two options for brunch we went for the full one, without even asking what the other one was. After the fresh orange juice a massive bowl of freshly cut figs and 3 types of bread together with anari and halloumi cheese arrived. The honey bread was a great option for white sliced bread, the sourdough was my favourite for a sweet and savoury combo to go with marmalade, jam and cheese and the pumpkin bread which was more like a moist cake, was simply divine: soft, sweet and moist.
The selection of homemade jams with citrus and berry flavours tasted of freshness. I particularly appreciated the fact that there were different flavoured condiments to suit every preference. All homemade and home-baked.
Although we were warned not to overeat I naturally did. But psychologically (and definitely not physically) I left some space for the fry-up. Two skillets of free-range fried eggs, home cured bacon, sun-dried tomato, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes was all it took for brunch heaven to be completed. Sure fried eggs are nice, but something different in both presentation and flavour was a great idea to launch a new brunch place.

My only comments were that I would prefer the eggs to be a bit more runny, but that was probably because the skillet was so hot they kept on cooking.
The final hit was the homemade “mahalepi” served traditionally with ice and rose water which most of us were too full to enjoy.

All of the above, plus organic Cypriot Bion Herbs tea enjoyed in a beautiful veranda, came at 15€ per person. If that ain’t value for money, then what is?
Finally, I would love to see some variations of everything, just so we can keep it interesting and go as often as we can.
Stay tuned for the dinner review which includes “souvla”, “mousaka” and God knows what else.

Things to note
We also had a small table for kids AND kids toys – that alone is a reason to go.
They need 24 hours notice for both brunch and dinner.
They can serve up to 30 people so book early.




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