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Superfood Organic Bar revisited

79A Georgiou, 99336517, LIMASSOL, Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm, Sun Closed

During my first visit at Superfood Organic Bar a while back, I was impressed by it because of the very long drinks menu with the most detailed list of superfoods. This time they proved me right with their very full and long food menu, everything homemade and created right there in store, by the owners’ very own recipes.

The power shake with the very interesting name “Dream of Schwarzenegger” was my first option. A sweet and creamy shake with spirulina, almond milk, peanut butter, banana, dates and soy which could certainly be served as breakfast or afternoon dessert.The “Liver Protector” with beetroot juice, grapefruit, ginger, barely grass and cayenne pepper was intense, which I liked, although I would have preferred a stronger kick from the ginger. Moving on to food, I tried the very interesting Indian soup as starter. Although it’s still September and so very hot, the soup was not too heavy. It was served in room temperature and it was excellent. Creamy, but not very intense, made with tomatoes, chickpeas, red pepper, ginger and cayenne pepper. Very subtle and just right.I continued with the Quinoa Salad with grilled vegetables, parmesan, flavoured herbs, sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic sauce. Being very light, the grilled vegetables were juicy while the parmesan gave it an extra kick. The Edamame Salad with purple cabbage, sprouts, tarragon, cardamon and ginger-orange dressing, tasted of freshness. I would have preferred a stronger kick from the orange and ginger.The chef has these “microgreens” delivered from Paphos, sunflower seeds in a small pot, ready to be cut and served so very fresh in the salads. As raw as it gets!I did not stop there. I wanted something to accompany my salads, so the wrap with carrots, cucumbers, sweet pepper, olives, sprouts, a special “creamy” sauce and the marinated tofu was very satisfying. Although I am not a big fan of tofu, it was marinated with fresh local herbs, olive oil, soy and garlic (as it helps it absorb easily) and it was actually not that bad!To end my beautiful lunch, I had to taste the desserts as well. It’s a tough job and somebody has to do it, so I tried almost everything. Ok, in small bites:) The Raw Homemade Chocolates were out-of-this-world impressive. Rich and flavourful. The Raw Brownie with peanuts, walnuts, almonds, dates, cocoa, coconut milk, honey and coconut oil was mouthwatering and pleasantly chewy. I liked the Lemon Ginger Crumble Cake with the discrete lemon-y taste. The cream of the Mandarin Cashew Cheesecake was nice, but I would have preferred the base to be more moist.

Everything is raw, without dairy, no sugar, no flour and no eggs. You can also order a big cake for any special occasion, as they have specific selections to choose from, you just have to call in advance for pre-order.Very interesting to know that the ladies here can prepare you a weekly detox diet program, according to your needs and preferences and you can pick up your daily menu in the morning along with next day’s breakfast and so on. This costs about €25 per day and it includes drinks, snacks and food. They also have take away service and delivery around the neighbourhood. They try not to change their menu very often, but they do have additions, such as the soups that will be featured soon as the weather changes. They also serve their very own seasonal vegan ice-cream.As for the prices I found them very good, considering that most organic food places are a bit pricy, but then again you know that the ingredients they use are expensive to begin with and some are even hard to find. My drinks were €5.80 and €6.80 each, the Wrap €6, the Quinoa salad €8.50 and the Edamame salad €6.50. The sweets range from €1.50 for the energy balls and the cakes start from €3.80 and the chocolate ones at €4.50 a piece.





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