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Ermis Bakeries

29 Omonoias, 25560121 / Kolonakiou, LIMASSOL, Mon – Sun 7.30pm – 10pm
Revamped, renewed, re-added, re-everything. I don’t know about you, but I find it really difficult to find a good quality confectionery in Limassol, not to mention every day bakery. Ermis Bakeries have slid their way into the modern years quite smoothly. I have heard about their particularly good cakes and desserts, I hadn’t heard about their lunch options, but now I’m a fan. All in all, a great (re)addition to the Limassol bakery scene.
I have been to Ermis bakery on Kolonakiou street, but I haven’t visited their Omonias avenue bakery until recently. Renovated with a modern and contemporary decor and a black metal structure it is a quite spacious and nicely laid out place. I liked how they had their breakfast options (savoury and sweet pastries) and bread served behind a counter, while their cakes and desserts were across in a window screaming “indulge”. I initially went early morning for breakfast and coffee (that’s Saturdays for you), but ended up buying dessert as well. The exceptionally fluffy and crispy croissant was so much better than what I expected. Mind you it’s quire hard to get a good butter croissant nowadays. My freshly ground coffee was everything I needed to go with my fluffy breakfast.

On my way out a carrot cake and a mille-feuille were calling my name so picked one of each for after lunch dessert, while the kind manager also insisted I try the “masticha baklava”. Freshly prepared, without being too rich, they were all a great change to the boring, old school desserts you can find around Limassol.

Last but not least, I have to mention their brand new “psistaria” (take-away lunch bar) as I had no idea that was happening. Freshly prepared salads, traditional and innovative lunch options like Chinese noodles and burgers with melted cheese, did offer a higher quality and less commercial option than your average take-away place.

We never said no to a higher quality addition to our every day lives, so whether it’s for a morning croissant, a show stopping cake to take to guests or a quick homemade lunch, pay them a visit.




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