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Simoni Textile Designs

11 Agias Elenis, 99559963NICOSIA, (off Arch. Makarios III Avenue) – Contact the designer for her shop opening hours.

It’s not very often that you meet a young girl who is passionate about hand-woven accessories and actually makes them herself on her very own loom. Simoni Papaefstathiou is exactly that designer, a young woman with a very romantic character and you can tell that just by looking at her style and then by checking out her quality designs.
Simoni creates fashionable accessories with woven fabrics she makes herself made from different kinds of yarns such as cotton, wool, linen, glittery yarns and also a combination of other materials such as ribbons, raffia and beads.
She makes accessories such as handbags in various shapes and sizes, luxurious scarves made with high quality yarns and a collection of smaller accessories such as rings, embroidery brooches and her cute stud earrings, she calls them “button earrings”.
A very cool idea is her home deco collection. I was really impressed by her wall hangings, a fantastic idea for any wall around the house, even the bedroom.
Coasters, cushions, lavender bags are only a few of the items from her home accessories collection, all created with the same technique, kind of her signature style.
Experimentation is a way of creating she told me and that’s why she tries various colour combinations in each collection, every season. Nevertheless, she sticks to her pastel variations that include pink and purple, colours she can’t resist.

Being a restless one and never giving up, Simoni decided to open her very own shop after a seven-year presence in the Cypriot designer scene.With a minimal character, a cosy feel and romantic elements, this is truly something that expresses her and I could tell that as soon as I entered the shop. Just like visiting a friend, that’s exactly how I felt at Simoni Textile Designs. She offered me her freshly baked cookies and a piece of cake she made herself, a cup of coffee for me and tea for her. Yes, this is the way to treat your customers and really make them feel at home, comfortable and relaxed.At the shop I noticed a lot of cute ideas for gifts and a few things for me too:) The home accessories are a perfect idea for a house warming gift, if you are not sure about giving accessories. 

If you haven’t, go ahead and visit this one. She will definitely make you feel at home and you will find that little something for that special someone or even for you.

Prices for her Bags range between €65 – 200 / Earrings and Brooches €12 – 22 / Wall hangings from €20 – €25, Pillows from €40 – €80 / Coasters from €15 – €18.



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