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Roll Bar Ice Cream

25 Kanari Street, Saripolou Square, 99713872, LIMASSOL, Mon – Sun 4pm – 12am 
This place is exactly what its name means: ice cream created from scratch and then rolled, right in front of your eyes. Although Coldstone prepares the ice cream in front of your eyes, here they go a step before than that and actually make the ice cream from scratch.
Prepare yourself for sugar overload as you cannot go and choose just one or two ingredients for your ice cream roll. I know I didn’t and ok maybe I went a bit crazy 🙂
Roll Bar Ice Cream is a very small place, just off Saripolou street, with a very kind owner who gave me the full presentation of how this rolling technique works.
You choose your “base” which is either yogurt or cream and then you can choose any fruit or chocolates available on the menu.

He then starts mixing the ingredients and you actually see everything being created right in front of your eyes. Very cool, I must say.
My combination with cream and Oreo cookies was a bit too much, but I gave my all and ate it all! The portion was beyond satisfying and maybe easy to share as well.
Apart from the Ice Cream Rolls, the menu offers the Bubble Waffles and talk about a grand dessert there. Fluffy and warm waffle with ice cream rolls, frozen fruit, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and you name it!
All I can tell you is I didn’t have dinner that’s for sure.
Overall my experience was very good. I thought that this is a very cool idea, the whole “rolling” presentation and the tricks the owner makes right in front of the customer. Basic ingredients that you can’t really go wrong and then it’s up to you how to decorate with all the extras.
I would like to taste the Crepes as well on my next visit and I will wait for the new additions on the menu too. The owner told me he is preparing low fat selections, matcha flavours and more.
The ice cream rolls with chocolate and white cream are €3.50 and with yogurt €4. Any extra item is €0.50. The Bubble Waffles are €4 and the Crepes €3.50. The menu offers coffee too, tea and juices.

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