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Seed of Happiness


Yes, I know. Healthy cuisine is somehow another trend lately all around our island. The thing is with Seed of Happiness, this concept takes up another form. Order your snacks a day or two in advance and get them delivered. Raw and vegan options are also available. They have a standard menu, but with continuous additions, as Melina, one of the owners, is very passionate about what she does and she wants to keep evolving and creating new interesting recipes.

I have to state all the characteristics of the menu just to be clear. The selections are gluten-free, sugar and refined sugar (such as maple syrup or honey), dairy free, grain free, vegan, vegetarian. She told me she even made a paleo birthday cake just recently: flourless cake with mango cashew nut cream.
The concept here is basically snacks and breakfast. Maybe in the future she will add more savoury options, but for now you can find a very interesting selection of bars, such as the ones I tasted: Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bars, Pistachio Oat Bars with honey which I loved and the Protein Bars which were just enough moist and so smooth in taste. The absolute highlights are the vegan bannoffee cake with a soft, light cream and a rich banana aftertaste, the chocolate tart which I had difficulty believing that it was sugar-free and vegan, while all of her cheesecakes are a true must-try.

As all bakeries/confectioneries, Melina is all about creating delicious treats which are actually good for you, and she managed to do JUST that.

The Banana Bread, flourless and grain free was magnificent, because it was subtle with the banana flavour, moist and easy to enjoy. I had it plain and then I tried it with their homemade Almond Butter which was very rich and thick and surely appetising.

The homemade Hazelnut and Cacao spread was velvet-y, but I would like it a bit more intense in the cacao flavour. Nevertheless it “worked” perfectly with the banana bread.

My ultimate favourites though from the menu, were by far the Snickers Bars and the Cinnamon Buckwheat Granola which is grain free with coconut flakes, hazelnuts, goji berries, sunflower seeds, superfoods that go together perfectly. I tried that plain which really is very tasty, but I also added yogurt and a bit of honey and oh my … Talk about tasty and healthy breakfast or snack, well this would be it!

The Snickers Bars I will just say that I could not stop even after the third piece. The base was so rich and chewy, just perfect and the chocolate on top was melting in seconds, proof that yes, the ingredients are “real”!

The menu will be even more interesting soon, as the owner told me she will add melomakarona (soft biscuits with syrup), New Year’s eve Cake and who knows what else. Catering is available for events with bigger portions and also custom orders according to your liking and ingredients you prefer, always upon availability.
Highly recommended for true healthy food options and especially for a menu that stays interesting with new additions very often.

And as I final note I will add that, what makes Seed of Happiness worth your while is the fact that the treats are delicious without having to say “although they are sugar-free”. The are delicious (full stop).

Check them out and their very exciting menu hereSave



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