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The Hub Cafe

201E Arch. Makariou, 99888550, LIMASSOL, Mon – Thu 7am – 11pm, Fri – Sun 7am – 12am, Sat 7.30pm – 12m, Sun 8am – 12am 
I guess my assumption that this would not be “just another typical chain coffee shop”, was true after all. After one visit at The Hub Cafe, I am now convinced that this place has a little more to offer than just coffee and snacks.
Ambiance-wise I liked the high ceilings, the warm feeling from the wood decoration inside and the green of nature spreading all over. Although located on Makarios Avenue, one of the busiest streets of the city, it is somehow “hidden” with all the tall plants outside and it is not noisy at tall. I really liked the wall on the side with the wooden pots and the minimal lights, adding to the cosy vibe I felt as I sat to enjoy a cup of coffee.
Talking about coffee, these guys offer their very own organic specialty coffee blend, 100% Arabica. I thought it was very smooth, not bitter or too strong, with no aftertaste. Just what I needed, without too much fuss.
They do offer regular coffee as well, decaf organic selections, matcha creations, organic teas, a tea and coffee mixed drink, cold brew that takes up to 14 hours to make, fresh squeezed juices, wines, beers, even bio energy drinks. If you don’t fancy the healthy choices, go for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Iced Coffee, as the owner told me that’s one of the best sellers. I think that would be on my list for my next visit.
As for food, I found it very interesting that they offer “the dish of the day”, homemade food they make in their very own kitchen, like the lazania they were offering on the day that I visited.

More choices include homemade salads, beetroot and pesto sandwiches, bakery goods and of course desserts.
If you are the chocolate fan go for the Chocolate Protein Cheesecake, gluten free and with no added sugar (#truestory). Moist enough and light in taste. Maybe that’s the trick to make you go for a second piece, with no guilts 🙂
Not a chocolate fan, no problem at all. There’s always the red velvet cake and the cheesecake and to know that they are homemade, actually gives them another kind of appreciation.
More options on the menu include Coldstone ice-cream, Macarons and the Lava Cake which looked delicious. More on the list for next time.

A small Freddo Espresso costs €2.50, a Capuccino €2.80, homemade Halloumi Pie at €3, the Parmesan Pesto Ciabatta €4.70, the Chocolate Protein Cheesecake (gluten free with no added sugar) at €5.


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