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Barbacoa BBQ

42 Genethliou Mitella96020154, LIMASSOL
Wed – Sun 6pm – 12am, Mon & Tue Closed
These guys dared me. They said “you are welcome to come and see that the only thing in our freezer is ice”. I didn’t take the challenge. Instead I ate the meat. And forget the rest. If you haven’t met Barbacoa BBQ yet, I suggest you go ahead and pay them a visit asap!
An old stoned building, near the Castle area in Limassol, (but not in the noisy centre), this American style eatery, is very welcoming. The warm lighting, the wood decorations, the blues tunes and of course the very friendly staff. If you’ve traveled to the States, you’ve been treated very politely by waiters. This is the type of service you will experience here.

The two owners, Christos and Christos (it’s not a typo), have a great passion for smoked meat. Everything on the menu is done from scratch in their very own kitchen, except from the brioche buns. Nothing is pre-cooked, nothing is frozen and the meats are smoked from 3 up to 19 hours, depending on the recipe.

It was a hard choice, since almost all the menu selections were appealing, but I went with the owner’s pointers. I tried the Black Angus Beef Brisket Platter which is a combination of both the lean and fatty part of the brisket, smoked for 16 whole hours! Really, truly if you are a meat lover, you have to experience this. The most amazing taste, just perfect, so soft and smooth, I enjoyed both parts of the meat. Ok, I admit it, the fatty pieces were just incredible.

My second choice was the Hand-Pulled Pork Burger, which is topped with coleslaw, their homemade BBQ sauce and served in the most soft and fresh brioche bun. The meat here is smoked for 8 hours. The portion was big, but nevertheless very easy to enjoy. Actually both portions were very satisfying. You get to choose two of the sides (included in the price) and I had the pickled onions and cucumbers, the coleslaw and potato salad made with yogurt.

The hand-cut sweet potato fries were a must and I was right. Everything tasted very homemade.

Apart from the great food, they have a special craft beer menu and a very cool waitress who knows all about each one and suggests the best pairings with your food. Super fresh ice cold beers with no stabilisers and with all-natural fermentations. I tried Monday’s Pilsner, light and refreshing and Thornbridge St. which was more intense, dark, with smoke.Watch out for these guys, as they are preparing very interesting stuff in the near future. For Christmas they told me they are planning to offer a whole turkey cooked and served with a variety of side orders and they will… deliver everything to your door dressed as Santa! That we have to see. Christos is also in the research of making his very own artisan cold cuts such as New York pastrami, salami and more.

Talk about value for money, at Barbacoa BBQ you definitely get it. The most expensive dish on the menu and by far worth it, is the Black Angus Brisket Platter which was €20 with two sides included and way too satisfying. The Hand-Pulled Pork Burger with two sides was €8.50. The extra Sweet Potato Fries were €4. More options on the menu include the Full Rack of Spare Ribs, Turkey Breast Burger, salads and Make Your Own Platter.



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