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Bizzy Bee

Simou Menandrou, 96495000, NICOSIA
Mon – Sun 11am – 1am
Al those photos with the mouthwatering pancakes on Instagram surely worked as I couldn’t wait to go to Bizzy Bee. Most of all I was curious to find out if it was just “picture perfect”. It turned out the indulgence was real.
In all fairness the location is not ideal. Situated right off Griva Digeni Avenue, one of the busiest streets in the city it’s not exactly a “quite place for brunch”. Having said that, it looks quite cool being an open kitchen style “canteen” spot and in fact it’s not as noisy as you would expect. Its small size makes it quite cosy and very “easy”.
Apart from the many different pancake combinations, the menu also includes crepes, loukoumades, smoothies and milkshakes. I went for the pancakes of course, as I wanted to actually find out what the fuss was all about.
For the savoury choice I tried the “Cheesy” with a unique mixture of three cheeses: “anari”, “halloumi” and “feta”. I have to admit that I was very pleasantly surprised as this reminded me of a very tasty cheese pie, but made with pancakes! The size of the portion was also very satisfying. I would have, however, preferred them to be a bit more moist.
Moving on to the sweet version, I went for the healthy option and tried the “Dark Chocolate” with oats and walnuts. I could definitely feel the difference from the regular pancake, as this was way lighter, not too sweet and not very intense.
Very soon more breakfast options will be added on the menu like a proper “eggs and bacon breakfast”, sandwiches and more. Wait for the Christmas version of the pancakes too, as it will be spectacular from what the owner actually told me!
The “Cheesy” was €6 and was easy to share and the “Dark Chocolate” was €7.

Overall I liked the environment and most of all I liked that the place is actually specialising mainly on brunch and breakfast, having the pancakes as their main attraction. I would visit the place again to try the new additions too.


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