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New in Ayia Napa: MEGU

4 Nissi Avenue, 99956262, AYIA NAPA, Tue – Thu 2pm – 11.30pm, Fri – Sat 2pm – 12am, Sun 2pm – 11.30pm

A new arrival in Ayia Napa this time. Modern Japanese Cuisine and sushi galore, all through the winter time. Sushi and Sashimi, fresh Oysters, Zucchini with Honey Lemon Butter, cocktails like Toky Flirt and desserts such as the Japanese Honey Balls with Red Bean Paste, Pudding with Green Matcha Tea and so many more. Fancy names and fancy visiting the place? I am very intrigued that is for sure, but truth is I’m not sure about Ayia Napa in the winter time… I guess I’ll just have to re-consider?

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