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5 tips for the perfect Art de la Table

A beautiful dinner is not just about a beautiful table. It’s not just about amazing food, great company, perfect ambience, good wine, the best dessert. It’s rather…all of the above. I am already trying to contribute to the perfect food so this time I will try and add a little bit on how to create the perfect table setting. My Saturday at Lidl Food Academy has been particularly fruitful! #beautifullynormal #artdelatable

1.Add all the necessary cutlery and glasses to make the plate area look busy (2 sets of cutlery, wine glass, water glass and side plate). Cutlery should be placed around 3cm from the edge of the table

2.Use cloth¬†towels, not paper napkins. Perhaps it’s just me, but don’t paper napkins look cheap?

3.Have a centre piece, whether it’s flowers, a bowl full of anything, candles in different heights and shapes.

4.Decorate the in-betweens with any ornament you can imagine. Christmas tree balls and ornaments have been particularly useful while adding colour to the table without too much thought.

5.I have 2 sets of small table lights and almost always add them or candles as dim light adds a special ambience colour to any dinner setting.

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