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Lazaris Bakery Bar

37-39 Agiou Lazarou, LARNACA, 24655700
Tue-Sun 7:30-0:00
They say you first eat with your eyes, and then with the rest of the 4 senses (or 3 rather as I can’t see how you could eat with your ears). They also say you usually see something 7 times before you take action on it. Well, all of the above are what led to my first visit to Larnaca in (a lot of) years.
When I started following Lazaris on Instagram I thought it was a bakery but it was only later I realised it was also a sit-down coffee / breakfast place. The actual location in Larnaca’s old neighbourhood and the revamped, traditional looking space go perfectly with the whole concept of Lazaris: homemade, traditional food and bakes with twist. What makes it different is how everything is made on the day it’s served using only fresh, natural ingredients. Obvious after the first bite.Don’t expect anything massive, but a small, humble little space with a character of its own.
The “Mpoukoma” / “Tsillima” includes a selection of traditional sandwiches including the definition of comfort food: toasted turkey cheese sandwich in white bread. Very well prepared and something to go back to again and again. The traditional Cypriot breakfast with fried “lountza” (pork charcuterie), eggs, traditional sausage and village bread brought back a lot of memories. Is it the egg / sausage combination? The oregano? I wonder.We also tried the round “koulouri” bread with “anari” cheese and honey, great if you are one of those who prefer something sweet in the morning.The “tahinopitta” with a twist definitely looked impressive (and a best seller). It’s worth trying although it was a bit too sweet for my taste buds.The thick, yummy whole grain bread with seeds I took home was equally delicious and could definitely become a staple.In a nutshell it’s a great place for classic, traditional flavours at their best. I was also very happy to hear that they are working on new, more innovative bread ideas and flavours. Go Lazaris, go!
We paid 23€ for two people for all of the above plus 2 coffees, excluding the bread I took home.

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