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Arnaldas 2, NICOSIA
Mon-Fri 8:00-19:00, Sat 9:00-16:00
The “concept store” type place may seem like something we’ve seen before. That’s not in the case for Art-naldas, which I must say, is more than just a place with a clever name. It may be small but it has anything from a small selection of food to homemade sweets and, of course, hand-crafted ornaments and accessories.
Although it’s on a quiet street it’s still central, right off Makarios avenue. We went for lunch, a great chance to sit outside on the sidewalk and enjoy some sun before the heat kicks in. I couldn’t help but take a tour inside before lunch. I loved the minimalistic Scandinavian-like vibe. The colour white prevails without too much extras. One can find anything from jewellery, accessories, to kids’ clothes, to handmade scarves to beautiful, modern kitchenware. Some are upcycled, others new, but all are handmade and special. A lot is made by local artists while others are imported from Greece, France, England and Indonesia. The menu is short but easy with some 4-5 salads, wraps and sandwiches, all prepared there and then. My Lombardia salad with prosciutto, parmesan and avocado was light, without too much dressing or extras, exactly as I like it. My proud Cypriot friend’s wrap with chicken, ricotta and avocado was equally good. If you are hungry make sure you get something extra as the wrap is more like a light bite than a proper lunch meal.

We couldn’t leave without enjoying a couple of their homemade desserts. The chocolate tart was indeed the highlight. It looked rich but it was so easy to eat without feeling like it’s too much. The free-from coconut cake was better for a sugar-free option although nowadays the benchmark for a good free-from dessert is a bit higher.

Lunch, coffee, reading time or gift searching? Art-naldas has the answer. We paid around 15€ for 2, a fair price for a light meal.

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