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Nocciola Sweets + More

Dimofontos 1, NICOSIA, 22775588
Mon – Fri 7:00-20:00, Sat 9:00-20:00
It all started around 3 months ago when I gave birth to my third baby. All I was doing was searching for sweets to give out at the clinic when a friend recommended Christos (aka Cookies Christos as I saved him in my contacts). Little did I know, that the brownie cookies from this unknown guy would become one of the most talked about new arrivals.
His brand new location is right off Makarios avenue. Apart from sweets and sandwiches he also serves coffee in a cute little space. It only took a bite to realise that Christos’s creations were not just-another-brownie. Not only he uses all-natural ingredients but most of them are organic. In his brand new location off Makarios avenue one can find anything from his signature brownie cookies to vegan chocolate tarts to homemade sandwiches.
The raspberry cheesecake with yogurt I tried was delicious, refreshing and tasted of a dessert made of real fruit if you know what I mean. The red velvet cookie that was soft and spongy was a smooth with a lightly sweet and sour flavour while the raw, vegan chocolate tart was rich, slightly bitter and balanced perfectly with the peanut butter (a must-try). I will not go on and on about the brownie cookie. All I can say is that I got around 5 calls from friends after they had tried my “kerastiko” asking where I got it from.
Although it has started off with a quiet launch, I see it gradually becoming one of the highest quality confectioneries in the city. Congratulations!
Needless to say Christos also makes sweets and cakes on order.

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